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Elvie Pineda

“My life long professional dream is to make it big in this industry, be recognized globally and make people of all ages stand out and be beautiful.“

It was in the 80’s that she started fulfilling her ambitions. A single parent of beautiful children (Rachel and Lani Lobangco, both made a name in the showbiz industry in the 90’s), is a woman who exudes beauty in all angles. She started her business in Thailand and because of her x-factor and undoubtedly beautiful skin, she earned the trust of her clients far across the globe that to this day, she managed to keep a good relationship with.That paved way to her success being an international skin care specialist. She then brought her endeavors to the Philippines and just as how she made it internationally, she became one of the most trusted Skin care expert of her home grown country


Jayma Trading was established in August 2010. We are the exclusive distributor of all Elvie Pinada skin whitening products here in the U.K.


Malou Landicho Santos Has undergone skin whitening training with Elvie in the Philippines.


Our aim is to bring Ms Elvie Pineda's products here in the U.K. to offer skin and beauty packages that are flexible to every client’s needs. Ms. Elvie Pineda, President and CEO , has lived up to her advocacy, “Quality in service and Effectiveness in result” Where Quality would mean every customer’s expectations are fulfilled – every time, anytime. Seeing how you’ve beautifully transformed, That’s EFFECTIVENESS.


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